Medal of Honor (1999) Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Everything unlocked

    Go to the Options screen, then enter the password SMPSMDMILK on the password screen (with the typewriter). After the green flash, go back to the password screen, and enter URLINGAMBE as the password. You will be taken to the photo gallery. Go through the gallery until you return to the main menu to have everything unlocked.

    Contributed by: Nemesis 

  2. Full ammunition on new level.

    After beating the first level of a mission input the Infinite Ammunition code in the options menu. Then play the same level again with the code on. After you beat the level, when you get to the next level you'll have maximum ammunition. Repeat the code on levels that you have beaten, so when you go to the next new level you'll have enough ammo to last.

    Contributed by: Psycho_D 

  3. Mission Select

    Effect Effect
    RETTUNG 1:Rescue The G3 Officer
    ZERSTOREN 2:Destroy The Mighty Railgun Greta
    BOOTSINKT 3:Scuttle Das Boot U-4901
    SENFGAS 4:Attack Impenetrable Fort Schmerzen
    SCHWERES 5:Sabotage the Rjukan hydro Plant
    SICHERUNG 6:Capture the Secret German Treasure
    GESAMTHEIT 7:Escape The V2 Rocket Plant

    Contributed by: Nakian 

  4. Misc. Passwords

    Enter the following codes at the Enigma screen:

    Effect Effect
    ICOSIDODEC 4x4 Firing Rate
    SPRECHEN American Movie Mode
    WOOFWOOF Bismark Dog
    COOLSHADES Egon New Uniform
    ARTCRITIC Ernst New Uniform
    HOODDOWN Felix
    MACOOCOO Game Werks Arena
    GUNTHER Gunther
    BADCOPSHOW Infinite Ammunition
    MOSTMEDALS Invincibility Mode
    INTHENAVY Jens New Uniform
    TIREDJOHAN Johan New Uniform
    SCARYKARL Karl New Uniform
    MANLYMAN Manfred
    EINSICKERN Mission 8
    DENNISMODE multiplayer power-ups
    NUTCRACKER Nutcracke New Uniform
    AJRULES Picture of Adrian
    COOLCHICK Picture of Lynn
    BIGFATMAN Play as Col. Muller
    HEINRICH Play as Heinrich
    HELMUT Play as Helmut
    JIMMY Play as Jimmy
    MANON Play as Manon
    BEACHBALL Play as Noah
    HERRZOMBIE Play as Otto
    ROBBIE Play as Robbie
    ULF Play as Ulf
    HOODUP Play as Wolfgang
    ICOSIDODEC Rapid Fire
    GOBLUE Reflecting Shot Mode
    IKEANDKEN Rizal New Uniform
    WECANDOIT Rosie New Uniform
    SPYSCHOOL Site-seeing Theatre
    DENNISMODE Special multi-player powerups
    BRADALARM Tempramental Tocsin for already beat levels
    CAPTAINDYE Unlock all Multiplayer Characters
    SSPIELBERG Velociraptor
    DWIMOHTEAM View Development Team
    DWIGALLERY View Picture Gallery
    ROCKETMAN Werner Van Braun
    PAYBACK William Shakespeare
    FINESTHOUR Winston Churchill
    TRACERON Wireframe Mode

    Contributed by: piecemealcranky, garman90, Mike Truitt, Mezmorize99, freakunique, QVo, zombo1987, KasketDarkfyre 

  5. Unlock the Making of Movies

    Effect Effect
    INVASION Mission 1
    BIGGRETA Mission 2
    DASBOOT Mission 3
    STUKA Mission 4
    KOMET Mission 5
    TWOSIXTWO Mission 6
    MISSLEAGE Mission 7
    VICTORYDAY Mission 8

    Contributed by: Axion9 

  6. Unlock all doors

    Effect Effect
    While paused hold L1 + Triangle and press Square, Square, Triangle, X, Circle, Square, Triangle Unlock All Doors

    Contributed by: Axion9 

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