Well they saved themselves for now

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Well I participated in that 12 hour clan test and I was pleasantly surprised how well they turned out to be. Everyone was saying how they will be laughable and weak but it turns out they witheld a decent amount of information though that was a bad idea in my opinion, but they turned out to be quite powerful without making the IS mechs so weak to be unplayable against them, their weapons are stronger take up less space and weight I spent 240 dollars on the masakari package and though refunded it before the test began decided to buy again to see them in real action and now I cant get enough of them. Really wish they would just release them now instead of on the 17th though but the need to do bug testing I guess.

So they saved themselves a player who has spent a lot of money on this game because it's a franchise I grew up playing and have fond memories of it would sadden me a lot if I were to no longer want anything to do with mechwarrior, I still think they could have done a lot better job, the original game looked way more impressive but at least they got the clans right that would have made me not play it anymore or very rarely and would never have spent another penny on it again.

It's a shame there are no discussion going on in this forum or site for that matter with franchises like armor core or mechwarrior those are fun games that have a lot of history but now it's all call of duty and screw you if you prefer those games to awesome mech games like these.