They need to wipe this forum

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I look at it and 99% of it is all from me and no one else within like almost a year. A few tried to troll me on my feelings for the game but clearly I'm the only one in this forum that actively plays it because yes I'm a huge fan of mechwarrior thats the only reason I still play it and yes part of me really hates it wishes I would just uninstall it and be done with it but I keep hoping it gets better which It wont. They already stated clan mechs will not be much different or much better than current mechs...*FACE PALM* Really? They pretty much just using the franchise to milk it for all it's worth and then throwing it in the garbage when everyone finally quits.

Also this has been officially released yet gamespot still doesn't allow us to form our own review?

This game needs a new reboot from a team of like 100 people or more to properly make a cool long story with lots of different gameplay elements. I wanna be able to blow up tanks, choppers, drop ships, and mechs and to be able to blow up buildings and other stuff for fun and tactical reasons or because it would look cool, also bring back core explosions.

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lol 40 some people have looked at the topic and not even reply? Why you even bother looking at it or going in the forum if you are not going to actually post anything? I remember the days when you come on gamespot and it's loaded with gamers talking about the games they play now it's a ghost site.

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I looked and I am posting, think so many other make websites now a day that it dilutes the crowd and the energy to post.

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I agree and thanks for adding some responses I check back here once in a while but both this site and ign have long passed their prime where people posted all the time on all the forums, now it's a pathetic shell of itself. Hell I often have issues with the links on ign. Cant say I care for the reviewers on this site, got that tranny, the gay dude I believe kevin, just some weird wacko's on here, probably why so many have left the site for other careers. The one good reviewer that got canned for bashing on that terrible game I cant remember the name of but if you check under mechassault the reviewer is right their he was the only good one as far as I'm concerned. He left willingly though probably got tired of the bs on this site.