Lots of hype but MWO is a gameplay disater.

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#51 Posted by TheTriforceKid (25 posts) -

it is now time to revisit this, and for most of you to eat your words.

Battlemechs are BIG. VERY big. Wait..getting ahead of myself.

This is a mech SIMULATOR, much like most other simulators, there are things you can and cannot do in MWO.

Situational awareness is the name of the game. If you run off on your own and come in contact with a few assaults, you'll get your arse handed to you.

This is a TEAM-ORIENTED game. It is not for the faint of heart, and pugtards should learn to communicate with their teammates if they expect to win. Running away and hiding when you're the last one alive pisses other players off. Nobody likes to watch a pilot run from a fight when there's five minutes left on the clock and there's an event running. If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen, and off of Mechwarrior Online. We don't like cowards in this gaming community.

Be mindful of your terrain. It can help, or hinder you. there are places in which mechs without jump jets can get boxed in and bullied to death. Be mindful of what side of the mech your various weapons are located on. And for ****'s sake, watch your fire! Friendly fire has killed me more times than I can count, as I regularly pilot a scout mech, and find myself between a rock and a hard place while doing recon for the rest of the team. Most of the time, my death's are my own fault, but when it's due to a teammate being overzealous when going for that killing shot, it gets infuriating. Going for the killshot doesn't mean sticking your mech right in front of the enemy. If you do this, and get TKed because you were greedy, it's your own damn fault.

Buying the biggest mech will NOT guarantee you a win, or even a kill.

Learn to focus your damn fire. there are MANY components on a Battlemech to choose from as a target. PICK ONE and hammer it home. If you're lasing all over the place and expecting to get a kill, it isn't going to happen, more often than not. if you can't focus fire on an enemy's arm or torso, then you need to learn to aim a little better. buy a zoom module if you have to.

THe crappiest part of this game comes down to balance, still, as I've seen teams drop where one side has 4 ECM's and the other has none, while the enemy team has all the missiles, and you have none. Or in team games, where it drops you in with random teams...sometimes you end up fighting several 2 man teams, while the enemy team is either all one group who can communicate, or two groups who can communicate.. The balancing system is still MILES from fixed.

THe terrain bugs the hell out of me. THey overlayed all of the terrain with bulky, low-poly hit boxes (To save RAM and processor power, because, apparently, marking all static objects as a hitbox is too hard for the PGI devs to do) so even when you are sure your weapon points are above the edge of the terrain, it may not be above the invisible hit boxes, and you'll fire right into said hitbox, causing yourself a heat penalty, and wasting ballistic ammo.

Don't get me started on the BS they call "Ghost Heat" which exists NOWHERE in Battletech lore, and was thrown in as a way to "balance" their broken system, which allowed for people to boast ungodly weapon loadouts and fire with impunity before the nerfing ensued.

THey gave us collisions at one point, then yanked them out, citing that they needed to "Fix" the hitboxes, but then never put collision tripping back into the game (Which they promised they would do almost 2 years ago now). The crap they call "Night Vision" is still blurry and limited in range. On night time maps, I do better without using the night vision and turning my gamma all the way up. Easier to see clear across the field of battle that way, whereas the night vision only gives you a roughly 400-500 meter range, which isn't even the longest distance a medium laser can hit things from.

Ballistics are currently broken, and light mechs are yet again protected by a weird lag-shield generated server-side.. Jump jetting on the terrain in any map is hazardous to one's health, as you can get stuck on thin air, and the engine can't figure out how to put you back on the ground unless an ally or enemy walks into your hitbox.

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#52 Posted by davidsworld3 (3523 posts) -

I dont feel like I have eaten my words the game still sucks. It still plays like a beta and always will because they are more interested in selling mechs than trying to put a story into the game. Making it mp only just makes it a non mechwarrior game for me. Mechwarrior has always been about the story and pvp was a side thing not the main thing!

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#53 Posted by EightOne81 (6 posts) -

I confess I did not read every single post, but I noticed the pattern at work here.

It's fine if you don't like the game, but every negative comment I've read translates as "It's too hard." It is a hard game, it's just too bad all these people let that taint their experience and then pass it as if this were a real critique. You don't see me writing reviews about Call of Duty because it requires fast internet and the intellect of Donald Trump.

This is a thinking person's game. You can't win by being the first one to pull the trigger, or by running out into the middle of the map. If you enjoy that kind of play, maybe stay with games better suited to your attention span. But if you want to have fun playing a game that's more difficult than "sprint, shoot, repeat", welcome. Here are some tips to start of well.

1. Stay with your team and always have cover nearby. You're not Rambo (If you are Rambo please disregard)

2. Lock targets and call for help (giving the approximate map grid). No shame in needing a buddy. Targeting the enemy shooting you means your team can see it (unless blocked by ECM) and is much more likely to help you shoot it. Two mechs shooting are better than one mech shooting.

3. Don't chase the squirrels! Squirrels are fast, light mechs that specialize in distracting and enticing enemies into wandering off. Shoot back at the squirrel but don't chase it.

4. Listen/read friendly comms and watch your map. If your team says they're moving to a new position and you stay put and get attacked by all 12 enemies, that's not your team's fault. It happens to everybody sometimes but don't let this ruin the game. If you lose, think about why you lost and get ready for the next match.

5. Find a unit. There are open units like the Star Wolves [SWOL] that have players of all skill levels. Coordination wins this game, hands down so try and find people who have compatible styles. Send friend requests after matches and try and get in a unit. Most are very welcoming and friendly. This game gets that much more fun in a unit, no joke. P.S. SWOL has an Inner Sphere and Clan unit for either play style. We fill up lots but are always making room. Contact Blueduck in game.

6. The last and most important tip is blame yourself. I used to get frustrated with my team and pass blame. But after a while I started blaming myself first and guess what, I got better and. I'm in a high tier and I enjoy the game MUCH more. Just say to yourself "whoops, that was a bad choice." It really helps. It's pointless dwelling on mistakes as this is a human vs human game. Even if you make every right choice you can still lose if your foes are just a bit better, or luckier. That's true in any game but this one especially.

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#54 Edited by KlaatuVerataNecto (1 posts) -

I guess that when it came out it might not have been well finished but as of today I consider it one of the best games I've ever played (I've been playing it for about a year now). I have to agree with EightOne81 and TheTriforceKid, this game is not for everyone and it is all about TEAM WORK.

People find it hard.I found it hard (coming from Quake). First time I played it I did the lone wolf rushing to kill and I died within the first minute and I left it because I felt so frustrated with the game play and configuration of my mech. Month later I was convinced to try again but this time with my friends (who has been playing it for 3-4 months at that time). Listening to their tips and sticking together tought me a lot and I absolutely dived into it. Right now I'm very close to enter Tier 1 (highest level in the game).

So for every frustrated player that finds it hard, go and play with someone that can guide you until you grasp the idea.Think of it as sitting to play chess for the first time. You won't enjoy it at the beginning because you don't know the rules and openings. But once you have learnt them the game becomes so awesome!

And by the way, lately I have been recording my gameplays to analyse the strategy


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#55 Posted by pblogic (45 posts) -

@TheTriforceKid: Your mom is a gameplay disaster.