Golden Foxes Seeking Casual and Friendly Pilots!

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Greetings! My name is Paladine and I am here to tell you that the Golden Foxes are seeking mechwarriors of good humor and good disposition on an ongoing basis. Great skill is less desired than a great personality; we can train one, but not the other. The Golden Foxes are the new Mechwarrior division of the DJO, a larger gaming organization that has been around for over 15 years now, since the days of X-Wing vs TIE Fighter and the Zone. Our founding members are all gaming veterans dating back either all or most of that time, and have been playing together for years. We pride ourselves on having an attractive site, reliable officers, and a military style structure. Despite that, we in the Foxes are essentially casual players, interested in making new friends, helping teach new players and working on their builds, and striving towards developing skills and builds for all players that will ultimately make them effective contributors in competitive teams. For less competitive types, we want to nevertheless simply be good friends to group and play with. To those ends, we are presently using Teamspeak for communication and coordination in-game, and request all members to use voice comms when playing together. While we do play to win, we do not take ourselves too seriously. As long as you are friendly and trying to move with the team and actively trying to follow the directions and orders of the officer leading the drop, nobody is going to be chewing you out and kicking you for missing that one shot, or falling off the bridge, etc. That just means it's time for more practice. At this point, we are a mid-sized unit, and are still growing. As such, there are also plenty of opportunities for motivated members to help steer our course and actively participate in the development of the unit. What We Want From New Recruits Good character and personality Ability and willingness to use Teamspeak Relatively sociable Willingness to listen to and work with a team, and to follow orders during organized drops What We Don't Want From New Recruits Rudeness, abrasiveness, and unfriendliness Unwillingness to help less experienced pilots learn the game "Raging" when you die, lose, etc Please feel free to check us out at and sign up here: Anyone is welcome to apply, simply enlist on our site. We know we cater to a particular kind of relaxed, friendly, and mature gamer, and that does not speak to everyone. If it does sound interesting to you though, feel free to head over and sign up on the site! We look forward to hearing from you! Regards, Paladine Golden Foxes Major, 1st Battalion Alpha Company Commanding
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Well I wish you guys luck and man I remember the x wing alliance gaming days very fondly!

The thing you dont realise is that the community on gamespot is very small now they split it up pretty much it's rare for engaging conversation in the forums anymore.

I mean just look at the number of post and you are not likely to recruit much if any. However if you guys play Halo 4 or the other games I'll join ya haven't been in a clan in al ong time.