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I'm a fan of the mech universe have a lot of their games most of them almost, but this game looks like it's gonna lose it's appeal pretty quick, mostly because it's gonna be pc only, and you will need a really good computer to do it, I myself have a great gaming rig for a game like this, but considering how few people even talk about it, I am assuming that its not gonna last that long.

Most fans want a cool story to go with the game, you know single player mode have a team of kick ass mechs blowing the enemy up, but this will just be a 1 on 1 match mostly which is pretty disappointing. I'm gonna get it but pretty much assume that I wont care after a month or so, since Halo 4 will be my main source of online gaming.

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The PC is on the rise again. Its cutting edge gaming as it should be, not using a 7 year old dust collector.

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Yeah...I'm still on the fence with this...I am still playing mercenaries which is crazy fun and addictive and with the mods for it make it so much more replayable than this game.

I doubt I'll get it if they want full price. Not that I couldn't afford it afterall having a good sized house being built near my work right now by end of the month will be done but like I said without the single player component it's really lacking replayability plus very few mechs to choose from.

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I have to disagree with your pc on the rise comment though. You go too any store that sells games and you will see very few decent pc games. In my opinion pc gaming died almost a decade ago. There was a time when you go in a store and you would see at least a 100 games to choose from almost, but now you see very little to choose from and every one of them you can play on the 360 and honestly you wont see any major difference in quality. I only buy pc games on steam now instead of going too the store and looking around.

As for this mechwarrior game, I already stopped playing it. They are too slow to releasing new content and it's just so boring. It's all about finding the best way to play cheap and take advantage of any balance issues at the time. Game is boring and far too incomplete for the amount of time they have spent on it.

Of course based off the number of people even posting here which is must not be a very appealing game for the masses.

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The reason you don't see that many PC games on store shelves these days is because of DirectDownload, Gamefly and STEAM - aka anything that allows you to download the game directly.  It's easier to manage and is basically the 'normal' way to get a PC game.


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Guess I'm old school then. I prefer seeing the back of the cd case. I'm very nastalgic for gaming in the past. I miss the old days when dlc was never needed because they completed the game, now more and more developers just trying to take more money out of us while pretending to give a crap about the game itself.

This game is no different, instead of making a complete package they want us to spend an outrageous amount of money for small conetent like a single mech, heck they wont even let you build the meck a feature the amazing armor core series does very well...well that is armor core 2 and 3.

This game is too boring to hold my interest I haven't played it in weeks.

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Yea, I finally gave up and uninstalled; they just announced that they know everything is broken and that all the player hate it, but they have no intention of doing anything about it. Here's to having this game fail so maybe someone else can make a decent Mechwarrior game. Oh, if anyone from a major gaming studio is reading this, it could be a great game if you bought them out and fired everyone but the art staff.
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Yeah I'm gonna uninstall myself today, it's not fun at all, I dont think about playing it through the day so really no point. Nothing about it shouts success. They flopped hard on this, they let the fans down, more and more are disgruntled by lack of progress. I wish they would just admit defeat and would hand it over to someone who has the resouces and talent to finish a nice lengthy single player meach warrior game. Mp as a side option.