Completed wiped this game off my computer

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Well I finally got pgi to take my name off their website, sure I could reinstall the game and it would have everything I spent money on, but I dont see myself ever going back too it. It never went past the beta stage of development.

Without a good single player I just cant recommend this sad excuse of a mechwarrior title. Easily one of the most pathetic developers in the gaming business. I'd be surprised if they make a profit at this point as I doubt I'm anywhere in the minority that has called it quits on this game and wiped it off my computer. It would take a long time to reinstall due to the mass amount of patches they have released since they released the game back in 2012.

Not that anyone is going to read this especially people thinking about installing the game and putting money down on it..but if you are DONT. You will regret it. There is no real redeeming quality in this game, graphically it's not the worst but it's the only game in the franchise that does not allow you to blow up buildings or structures besides trees...and only if you run them over you cant even shoot the trees down you have to hit them your mech.

I did this a while back actually I barely played this within the last oh nearly 6 months I used to play this regularly back when clan wars mode was first released but it turned out to be an utter fail with 30 minute wait times, maybe sometimes more and way too many times you would wait that long only to find no one was waiting on the other team which means it was a ghost drop you win yay but you fought nothing you went to the objective and done imagine doing that twice in a row...dont know about anyone else but time is too precious to waste even if you have a lot of free time on your hand like I did when I was laid off from john deere as a welder I had 6 months of free time but even then it angered me when this happened because voyla I'm at a new job at efco as a welder time no matter how much you may think is a lot is never enough and this is one of those games you should never waste your valuable time on get nothing out of it.

game is 2/10 and only because the graphics are decent but has 0 depth, very few maps and most of them are terrible balanced, huge grind you have to pay lot of money to be competitive, player base is very toxic and so is the company that developed this game.

Stay away from this game you will be happier for it and likely live longer.