clans actually look cool

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I have to give credit to their art devision for the mechs, so far they look pretty good, and in fact bought them and looking forward to playing them.

I have to say I feel the game is finally going in a better direction though without cw it will never be nothing more than a simple skirmish game with mechs. Game needs a newer better engine and with much better physics destructible environments we still dont get to topple trees and thats something they said they would look at. This game will never be 100% complete with loaded content, all it has is mechs and very hilly maps but it is fun for the most part they finally fixed the srms and lrms, but pulse lasers are still a miss they simply dont do enough damage due to over heating because of that terrible ghost heat system they put in long ago.

I'm still surprised this forum has not been wiped guess mods dont ever check this place out.

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clans do look cool but so many have mainly arm weapons, shot off early and a lot of clanners will be walking sticks

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I imgaine they thought about this when it comes to balance, at least I hope so, if so I'm not spending another penny ever again on this game as frankly I dont even want to know how much I have spent on this game. I have spent a lot of energy bashing it rightfully so with it's lack of progress in over 2 years it has been playable, but I keep hoping they will finally hit a sweet spot and start releasing stuff that matters.

Seems like all they intend to do is keep releasing mechs.