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Well before they nerfed the clans best weaponry that made them great mechs the clans were fun and made the game more enjoyable now...they killed the clans large laser by making it extremely hot and 2 second beam time, they did the same thing to their ppc half the speed and a lot more heat.

After they killed the clan mechs that I spent 240 bucks on I told them I am done I want my money back more just for a statement and deleted all traces of the game off my computer, I will never play this game again! I usually just end up reinstalling but there are a couple of other mech games by small time devs that I feel deserve more support and they aren't asking for more than 15 or 20 bucks for the entire games life cycle so it's not a cash grab at all, they just want to make a fun mech game one is MAV which honestly I dont like much it's a spiritual successor of chromehounds only without the awesome mp which is what made the game so fun back in the day and then there is dark horizons it's got a long way to go and dont think it will hold my interest for long but the devs are pretty cool and good at communication but the game looks very old dont expect it to be much of a game overall in it's time but I gave them 15 bucks because I've had some fun times on it but it's rare for anyone to be logged on.

Mechwarrior online had a lot of potential but for 3 years those dumbasses at pgi have done nothing but shameful expensive cash grabs for digital content only in the form of not gameplay add ons, maps, or other needed features like the long promised and failed cw, but mechs...nothing but mechs mechs mechs and it god old. I spent hundreds on this joke of a mechwarrior game it doesn't even hardly resemble one, no awesome sound track no single player like they originally promised nothing but botrhing death match game with no content to speak of.

I will never play this game again and look forward to hearing when they shut down everything and will send them a message saying good riddance you jerks ruined the next gen of mechwarrior for good.