The Best Mech game on DS so far, magnificient.

User Rating: 8.5 | MechAssault: Phantom War DS
MechAssault: Phantom War is undoughtedly the best Mech game i played on the DS far, which is not a big statment because so far only two mech games i play and know about being on the DS, MechAssual and RoboArena. From playing and beating the game i have to say it is a pretty good game. It has a very good campaign mode which i find intrigueing and straight forward. Although i heard that there were two other MechAssault games that was on the original xbox i never got the opportunity to play them. This game does not follow the same story line as xbox game so you won't be confuse by the game. The story have players using different types of Mech fighting other mech and solving puzzle. I like the selection of Mechs they have available, there are all kind of mech thats are availabe for you to use, at the beginning of the game you have weak mech but as the story progress players can hack into and use bigger and strong mech. The players can leave there mech and climb onto other mechs to hack them. The thing i don't like about this is that to hack other mechs you need to leave your mech and enter the battle field where you are volunarable to all types of attack, and you need to complete puzzles to hack into mechs which can be both difficult and annoying at times. The game takes place on over four planets, the story revovles around you trying to regain and re-service a bunch of communication satallites that have fallen in enemy hands. The graphics and production for this game are supurb, the cutscene and voice over are one the best i've seen on the DS so far. The cutscene looks extremely good, good lighting and sound. For being one othe early DS game MechAssault: Phantom War is in a league of it's own. I encourage every DS owner to go out there and try this game.