Good single player, but no replay

User Rating: 7.5 | MechAssault: Phantom War DS
I personally enjoyed this game while the single-player lasted. It had a decent length, about 10 or so hours. There are two control types, with left and right handed variants. One control type uses the stylus to look around in a similar fashion to Metroid Prime Hunters but in a limited area, I personally did not like this mode even though I do use stylus control in MPH. The other mode uses the buttons, again just like one of the MPH modes, I personally preferred like mode, it felt more accurate and was easier to handle. There were a few bugs in the gameplay, mainly passing partiallythrough a mountain side or having the mechs make a runnung motion after flying along a cliff. Some of the missions took leaps n difficulty but were never too difficult. The one mission that I had a pretty big problem with was one in which you fail a mini-game, I believed that there would be another branch in the missions if you completed the mini-game, when in fact it was an automatic fail. Of course I had tried this mission close to ten times before I decided to just continue and look in the boards where I learned that it was impossible to beat the mission. The graphics are good, they are comparable to Mario Kart DS'. The sound is good, but nothing memorable. The voice-acting is very nice though and this is the only DS game that I have seen with complete voice-overs on the dialog. Unfortumately the multiplayer is only multicard and I have no friends that own the game so I did not get to enjoy what I believe was the major focus by the developers on this game. If you know someone else that owns this game I would recommend it, but as a single player experience I would say to hold off and spend your money on a better game.