What the french toast?!?

User Rating: 4.5 | MechAssault: Phantom War DS
Honestly, this game was extremely poor.
The sound was so bad I thought my speakers had blown out. There was no variety in the mechs, they were all the same. Theres three or four control schemes that all stink. The stylus control was no good, (the only game that ever got that right was Hunters) the scheme I chose was the one where you walk with the d-pad and aim with the four buttons on the opposite side. Even after the 9-10 hours that I spent playing it I still felt that I couldn't control the game right. The graphics weren't that spectacular. Sure it was 3d, but everything was way too pixelated. There were these little games you'd have to do on the touch screen to break into other mechs, or doors. But they seemed more like chores to me. The game in itself was pretty hard, I had to keep switching suits/mechs while under fire and when you're not in a suit/mech you die in one hit. That was another aspect of the game that got me all confuzed the health bar. It isnt really a bar, its a column of dots on the side of the screen thats green at first but goes red when you get shot at. It didnt make any sense at all to me?!? Xbox games shouldn't be crammed into a DS cart.