Very dissappointing sequel.

User Rating: 6.5 | MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf (Limited Edition) XBOX
When I played MA1, I was blown away, yet when I played MA2, It made me lose faith. Crappy music, repetitive gameplay, boss features, cheap BattleArmour neurohacking- everything contributed to this lousy game. The only saving grace it had was it's multiplayer. It was interesting, but even that was only slightly above average.

The addition of the Alpha Strike made things much too simple, as powerups could be found almost anywhere.

The campaign was lacking, and was rarely more than blasting everything that came in your sights, making it extremely boring.

The difficulty fluctuated greatly, with the hardest fending off a wave of troops with a turret and a VTOL, and the easiest... Too many.

Variety of Mechs is there, but nonetheless, replayability is limited, as each multiplayer map has a fixed set of Mechs, resulting in rushes for the heaviest Mech available.

Yes, in Mechassault one, it was feasable to take light mechs, but now, with the addition of the Alpha Strike, people rush for the Heavy assault mechs such as the Atlas, Prometheus, Blood Asp, Star Adder and Ragnarok.

In total, if one does not have XBOX Live, do not get this game. However, even if one has Live, this should not be one of the first games to buy. Get a solid game, not this ....