Amazingly fun, but very dated

User Rating: 7.5 | Max Payne PS2
I can honestly say that I loved Max Payne upon its intial release, back in the day, what about ten years ago, I thought Max Payne was perhaps one of the best games I had ever played. Playing it now however does really show the game has aged quite a bit and not for the better.
You play as Max Payne an ex-cop who's fmaily is murdered and now he seeks revenge on the crime bosses and mob that has done this. Throughout the game you'll find nice looking backgrounds and a really great sense of atmosphere, however the character models don't look very well at all. Another great thing about Max Payne is the way the story is told, you'll ofter find books or televisions and even radios that will have some muffeld sounds, upon approaching said forms of entertainment, an explanation point will flash above Max's head prompting you to check out whats going on. Once you do this you'll find a really nice comic book style presentation with top-notch voice acting. The story is really great and Im not going to talk about it much simply because I dont want to spoil it for anyone but it is really awesome and you'll soon really fall in love with Max and some of the other characters. Unfortunately for all the the style the game offers, playing it now really shows its age. For one thing the controls dont ever really feel as spot on as some newer game and even some older games, I found myself having to adjust the sensitivity, which is a great feature now, along with the camera angles. When the action gets really tense, and believe me it will, you'll find your self having trouble pointing Max in the right direction to shoot one simple boss.
I think the story is really great and I would reccomend this game but really only to older gamers who had previously played it and to maybe die hard gamers who've never experienced it before. Be forewarned though although it is a good game, the length, controls and graphics may make for a bit of frustration from time to time.