One of the best experiences in gaming history.

User Rating: 9.3 | Max Payne PC
:Good Idea:
·Bullet time (of course) is one of the sleekest, most incredible thing you can imagine in a game. It's one of the reasons I bought the game and it was well worth it.
·The graphics are top notch. Sure, Max Payne's face looks like he's taking a fat log in his pants but it still looks like a real face. It's just amazing what they managed to do with this game and allow it to run on even slower computers.
·When you're flying through the air, dodging bullets and letting your Eagle talk for you, hitting the P button to pause is just awesome. The camera will spin itself around you and you can just see the shells leaving your gun and the flame leaving the barrel. It's unreal.

:Bad Idea:
·Even though the game is cool to show off, the replay value is very limited. Unless you want to take the harder difficulty levels, show it off to friends, or just want to re-live the experience, there's no other reason to replay the game. Some unlockables would have been nice.
·Well, for Max Payne, leaving your kid and wife home alone in a drug filed city isn't the smartest thing a man has ever done.
·Taking on New York Minute difficulty. Ouch!

·Max Payne will be one of the titles you have to show your kids what game started to make games cool again. This is a classic and one of Remedy's best games ever.