User Rating: 9.5 | Max Payne PC
This game is more a game of games mafia and criminality, the desire of the other where she received great admiration by the people and groups of scientific and practical it is the perfect game, covering form and content at the same time everyone who played that I love and for the quality of images and spoken by the story about the conditions some people may be realistic story was stationed for ways to make money for this category of people and how some people can not distinguish between people and that their money did they kill for money is not only.........

Then it is an excellent game and exciting in general, not just like any other series after which it lost significance, which was built upon the story but would not deny the development that happened to the pictures and realism, which increased later and enthusiasm that has increased where he became a hero of the story in a nightmare can not escape it because he was a policeman and later became a criminal in where the end sought by the police is difficult when you lose a sense of his career because of the policeman revenge of enemies if we conclude that the feeling of revenge leads to the loss, if one could not implement it or did not know one end

And the dynamics of the game for a lot of games have chosen samples, such as slow motion of the shot
And freedom of access to places and the discovery and research and we can not forget that the programmers who worked hard to reach to the list of the World Games and then to world cinema and music are for the most obscure music where to bring the attention of any person and suits all tastes All the parts were in at the top of the taste and take care of the music even while the attack was very excited to remain alert and aware enough As for the control is quite easy to argue that because all of them like it to play