One of the Best Ever

User Rating: 9 | Max Payne PC

Max Payne is easily one of the best games ever made and even nearly 20 years later that fact still stands in my view. I have played many games since this came out but it still ranks up there for me. The story is a masterpiece that fits together wonderfully. The voice acting is fantastic, James McCaffrey was a perfect choice for Max. The soundtrack fit well and set the mood. The game play itself was a thing of beauty. No game allowed you to be in a John Woo movie before and until Stranglehold years later none who tried to emulate it did it well. For me one of the things I loved was the little details. When you walk in the snow you leave footprints. After a gunfight there are shell casings on the floor and your discarded magazines. There are bullet holes in the walls left by you and your enemies. All adds to the game and sadly are things many games still don’t do for whatever reason. The games comic book style way of telling the story was awesome and fit well with the FMV cut scenes. The news reports in the background and on the televisions was also an ingenious way to add to the story. The cast of characters are memorable. Even after all this time I still remembered them, all the way from Mona; Max; Bravura; Lupino; Gogniti; etc. There isn’t a wasted character or bad one in the bunch. The variety of weapons and ability to dual wield most of them made for a kid in a candy shop during gunfights. I did feel that the shotgun was a little under powered sometimes as even point blank it took 2-3 shots to put basic enemies down. It also didn’t make sense why Lupino needed so many bullets to go down despite not being superhuman, V or no V. These were minor things though that didn’t stop my enjoyment one bit.

I played Max Payne on Linux using Steam’s Proton. It never crashed on em and I didn’t notice any bugs or glitches. There are 3 settings for AA; 3 settings for AF; and 13 other graphic settings. The game allows you to manually save whenever you want and gives 10 slots for that. There are auto saves for those who prefer. Alt-Tab worked. You can pause FMV cut scenes but not skip them. You can skip the comic book cut scenes. Performance was fantastic. The game certainly is no spring chicken visually but n it’s time it was top notch. A few times the FPS dropped from 144 but only dropped to 130 and 119 and only for a split second so it wasn’t an issue. I played version 1.05 of the game.

Disk Usage: 792 MB

VRAM Usage: 706-797 MB

CPU Usage: 10-14 %

RAM Usage: 2.4-3.3 GB

Frame Rate: 119-144 FPS

If by some chance you haven’t had the pleasure of playing Max Payne and enjoy shooters then rush out and get this now. I finished the first play through on the fugitive difficulty and it took me 7 hours and 10 minutes. I forget what I paid for my physical copy years back but for this Steam version I paid $2.55 and it is worth so much more. Even the full price of $10.99 doesn’t do it justice. One of the few games worth $50.

My Score: 9/10

My System:

AMD Ryzen 5 2600X | 16GB DDR4-3000 CL15 | MSI RX 5700 XT 8GB Gaming X | Mesa 20.0.5 | Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500GB | Manjaro 19.0.2 | Mate 1.24 | Kernel 5.6.7-1-MANJARO | Proton 5.0.6