the beginning of one of the most outstanding characters of the games.

User Rating: 8 | Max Payne PC
Max Payne is one of the games that has the story of a guy who seeks revenge, and manages to use it very well because of his great characters, Max's life changes after the tragic event related to his family, and the way the historia advances is very good, history gets better every moment, and the best thing of the game is the innovative gameplay, where your character is in camera lens, characteristic feature in the trilogy Max Payne, the soundtrack is good too, history has some problems, and there are some forgettable characters, and I had some problems with the audio, but maybe it was only in my version, Max Payne is very good, one of the best games of 2011, super recommended, it is a game that even the gameplay has aged a little bad, remains very playable. Note 85