One of the most imaginative and innovative yet simple third person shooter out there.

User Rating: 9 | Max Payne PC

Max Payne is replete with a great soundtrack that complements the in game experience. The story told the comic book style in terms of pages is beautiful.

You start connecting and being haunted by Max's choices and the work he has cut out for himself. The bullet time shooting is simply outstanding and makes for a second replay of the game. I have played this game twice now and admit that this is a serious action game with a great story line.

You are Max Payne, out to avenge and investigate the murder of your wife and daughter. In the process, you end up destroying most of the NYC's corrupt, thugs and criminal masterminds.

The best parts of the games are when Max talks to himself during the game and how he actually blasts foes using 2 uzis and rolls over to cover. The enemy is very smart and responsive. The only little complaint would be in terms of the prologue mission in game which in my opinion are kind of meaningless.

That said, this is a game, that every action fan worth his salt should play.