Max Payne is a game that, while it has not aged as well as other PlayStation 2 games, is still pretty decent

User Rating: 7 | Max Payne PS2

Max Payne is considered to be a classic third-person shooter from the sixth generation (PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Gamecube) of gaming. Back in 2001, people fell in love with this game. Is it nearly as good today as it was roughly twelve years ago? No. Is it still a pretty decent game? Yes.

Game play: 7

Max Payne is not much different from any other old non-cover based third-person shooter you will find. You just go around shooting people. It's really that basic.

The gun play is pretty decent still. It's pretty old fashioned really. I did have a major issue with lag though. The game got horribly laggy during most fight scenes. It's nothing game breaking, but it does hurt the quality of the gun play. Also, the shotgun was very overpowered. It's range was pretty long for a shotgun, and the diameter of the way its bullets spread out when you shoot it was just unrealistic and game breaking. All I had to do much of the game was use my shotgun.

Despite the lag and overpowered shotgun, the game was still fairly entertaining and fun to play.

The level design is pretty good. That's one of the reasons the game never gets boring. You just never know what to expect with the levels.

Presentation: 9

For an early launch game from 2001, Max Payne has some really good graphics. I mean, they look pretty horrible by today's standards. Just look at the fixed expression on Max Payne's face and you will not be able to help but snicker at how dumb he constantly looks. Yeah, he really looks like a guy taking an entire army by himself.

There's not a lot of music to this game; however, that's what adds to the atmosphere of it all. The game is supposed to be dark and creepy, and the quietness of it adds to it.

The story is also pretty good. The main character Max Payne could have used a little more fleshing out with some development, but, other than that, the story was pretty solid.

Value, 6:

On your first play through, it should take about ten hours to beat. Not a very long game. I guess you could try beating it on an even harder difficulty after that though.


Good atmosphere

Good level design

Fun gun play


A whole lot of lag during fights

Not the longest game in the world

Shotgun kills a lot of the challenge

There's not a lot I can say about Max Payne. I guess ten years ago, this was an amazing game; however, today, the game just did not stick out to me all that much. It was not bad by any means, but it's not something I look back on in a fond manner, nor will I probably ever do that in the foreseeable future. If you're someone who still owns a PlayStation 2 and are looking for a classic shooter to play, this is probably a good buy; however, I have read that the Xbox and PC versions are vastly superior due to their lack of lag, so I would recommend looking into that and try to buy the game on PC or Xbox before you buy it on the PlayStation 2. If you do not own a PlayStation 2 or Xbox and cannot find it on PC, it's also on the PlayStationNetwork Store for ten dollars.