Max Payne on Ps2 is an action packed, kick- @#!*% classic game with great storytelling.

User Rating: 9 | Max Payne PS2
Max Payne is an NYPD detective, who arrives home after another day at work. But all does not seem right when he discovers burglars in his own home. He kills both of the criminals and finds his wife and baby child murdered. Now, he's on a revenge streak to catch the people who are behind this gruesome murder.

Game play:
A shoot-em-up combined with the use of a third-person perspective in which the execution is done very nice and fantastic.
Bullet Time is a notable feature to this game, it is very effective and is useful for anything in your path.

Not bad for 64-bit. Character models are good, but lack facial expressions, especially Max himself who keeps that same smirk on his face throughout the entire game. Explosions, Shooting, and Environments look great.

Music and Sound:
Music score is emotional, dramatic and all-in-all great. Sound effects are great as well.

Left Analog Stick to move Max. D-pad for switching weapons. X to use weapon/sniper zoom in. L1 for shooting. Square for reloading. O for painkillers, these will refill your health. Right analog stick for aiming. L2 for "Bullet-Time'' effect.

Lasting Appeal:
Max Payne for PlayStation 2 is an example of how to make storytelling, in the game-world, emotional and effective. In the end, this is definitely a Ps2 classic. 9 out of 10.