The booze and pain killer riddled maniac is back in the best title of the series yet!!

User Rating: 9 | Max Payne 3 PS3
Every old school gamer remembers Max Payne. The cop who tragically loses his wife and child to murdering, sadistic thugs. And of course Max sought veangeance and got revenge on his assasins. Hes back and the wait was worth the while. I'll get started by going through the story. 8 years after the last title, Max has came to South America, and is working as a bodyguard for the rich family, the Brancos. And what would appear to be an easy job makes a turn for the worse. Some unknown vigilante group suddenly attack and kidnap the wife of Max boss, Fabiana Branco. It is now Max and his partner Passos job to hunt down the attackers, save Fabiana and find out why they are doing this. Amazing story with so many plot twists and surprises, you dunno what they are gonna throw at ya next. Kudos, Rockstar!! Now, to move onto what made Max Payne a hit back in the day to begin with. The ability to slow down time and get a shot at your enemies. Yes, bullet-time makes a return with new juiced-up updates. You can jump out from a corner and watch as your bullets tear into the flesh of your victims. And now, if u wanna give your enemy more than the just the headshot, you can hold down X and watch it in slow-motion and make the suffering last that much longer. Also, just by holding down R2 you can shoot more and just watch as you blow a hole into the head of your victims. There are also scenes where Max may jumo off a ledge where a group of thugs are standing and it is quite awesome to watch and shoot in slow-mo. Other times when u simply wanna slow down time on your own, simply eat a painkiller and enjoy the show. Also, a new feature is the Last Man Standing feature which allows Max to get one last, slow-motion shot on the guy who gives Max the kill shot. So no worries, if you die you do get one chance! Graphics!! Wow, the graphics are simply stunning. This is a new revised Max Payne, and it certainly looks that way. Whether you are on the snowy streets of New Jersey, or in a burning fiery building, the visuals are stunning. There is a scene in an office building where Max is battling with attackers, and as the shooting starts, watch as papers fly, boards break, cubicles explode. Its just awing! The gameplay is mostly shooting and more shooting. But there are also a couple of little extras thrown in the mix for ya. You can observe clues as you progress through the story. These clues will help you figure out the situation at hand a little better and give you a little incentive to search areas harder to find em all!! Also, there are pieces of golden guns laying around that I urge you to find. There are always 3 pieces to completing a Golden Gun, find em all and you from then on, that gun will be golden as Max wields it!! Lots of replay value there!! Even the score is awesome. The ominous music that plays as you progress is chilling and gives you the feeling that danger lurks nearby. The multiplayer is a bomb and is fun to play with friends. There are plenty of maps to play and plenty of DLC as well. So, to sum it all up, Max Payne 3 is a hit indeed! It took a long, long time to get here but now that it is here, I can say that it was worth the wait. Even if you've never played a Max Payne game before, go get it. I mean come on, Rockstar made it, you know its gonna be a classic!!

Lengthy, plot-twisting Story >
Awesome visuals