max payne 3 on the pc shows how games can be done nearly perfect!!

User Rating: 10 | Max Payne 3 PC
max payne is back for more action and as always he never dissapiont!! this game is perfecr in all aspect! this time rockstar made a truly good work on the pc, this game looks very good on consoles but on the pc is totaly another thing on of the few games that meirt even a 10!! first of all i dont know why there are ppl saying that this game has nothing to do with the series cos alot of familar things are still in max payne, maybe only cos is set in brazil its feels different,but many things liks examine clues,max acts like a narrator,bullet time and ecc are all there,the plot is good too but i wont spoil any story things apart that u can play some flashbacks from max payne 2 places, the graphics of the game are amazing on pc!! and this game got the most amazing physics in a game! i heard ppl saying it got cheap deads! wrong! the deads are perfect they fall like a film and ecc, u can destroy nearly anyything u shoot for a third person shooter u will never see such good physics like this! they shooting and bullet time are amazing there are bullet time scenes related to story that are fun to experience,the game can be hard its not easy u will die easy if not taken cover and if u rush in enemies,the desgn of the levels are very nice to play, the game got 14 chapter and are not that short, u can collect golden parts for the golden guns, u can grind like an achivements things,

the multiplayer is very addictive to play u can customize buy guns and collect pionts for customize, u can do this in arcade mode too, well the game had alot things to do u can also try to beat the game on hardest difficulties for a real challange,
well i dont know why ppl keep saying something bad even for perfect games like these, if u continue like this now i get it why game companies really dont take alot of efforts and polishing games to the max! if u are a max payne fan go and buy this amazing non stop action game!