One of best action games in years, everything we hoped for and more

User Rating: 10 | Max Payne 3 PC
Well the time is finally here. Before playing Max Payne 3 on the PC I had been studying the reviews for the consoles and was very excited and relieved that it had not been a flop. However when I started playing Max Payne 3 I realized that this was not going to be your typical good action game. It is something more than that. Simply put, Max Payne 3 is one of the best action games in years and uses great gameplay, story and Graphics to make Max Payne 3 a masterpiece.

One of the most talked about features of Max Payne 3 is the story and the story in Max Payne 3 is a class above on what you would usually see in linear, 3rd person shooters. The story takes place in Sao Palo where Max is working for Rodrigo Branco, his mission is to protect his wife Fabiana, but soon Max gets pulled into a world of corruption and soon starts to realize that things are not as they seem. Also Max is a alcoholic and is addicted to painkillers and this makes him weaker and more liable than he is in the previous games. The story of Max Payne 3 is gritty and dark and it is not afraid of delving in to different territory than its predecessors. Even though this is a linear shooter, this is definitely a rockstar game. The attention to detail in the environments is incredible and you can find clues and golden guns and some easter eggs if you look hare enough. This means that the world of Max Payne 3 is very immersive and really pulls you into the world of Max Payne. Speaking of immersion the voice acting and sound design is on top form hear. James Mcaffrey gives a sensational performance as Max Payne and he really gives the character and emotional edge that means that you really feel sorry for Max Payne and the grief that he has been put through.

I am happy to report that the gameplay of Max Payne 3 is brilliant. It still maintains the core gameplay from the first two games but it makes it more visceral and intense. As Max Payne is older in this game, he feels a bit weaker but this means that the gameplay is quicker and more intense than its predecessors. There are knew editions to the gameplay though that will help Max through the game. Bullet time returns and is still as good as you remember it all those years ago. Lots of Max Payne will be worried with this new feature though, cover. Good news though, the cover system in Max Payne 3 is not Gears of War style cover. You still feel very vulnerable in cover and the enemies will always be trying to flank you while you are in cover so you are never in cover for very long. Also there is a last man standing feature which is where you can kill the guy that is about to kill you. However this can only be achieved if you have one painkiller remaining. As good as Max Payne 3 is however there are a few little flaws in it that, while small are still worth pointing out. Max Payne has a very high difficulty and this means that it needs a good checkpoint system to back it up. however the checkpoint system is very hit and miss and, although it can be challenging and fun, it can sometimes be to long until the game offers you a checkpoint. To balance this out, if you die on the same part a few times you get offered more ammo and painkillers to use. This does not balance it out fully though and there are a few frustrating parts in the game which could of been avoided with a few more checkpoints.

Overall, Max Payne 3 is a masterpiece. It takes series staples like bullet time and adds a fantastic story, great voice acting and graphics to create a truly memorable game that should be remembered for years to come.