This game is great,fantastic good job for doing this game its not so easy to make a game but could have been better why?

User Rating: 9.5 | Max Payne 3 PC
I think Max Payne 3 was preety good i dont know if they can make it more better except its too short, the game must have been better if they have only starting when they finish story, that should have been part 1, but the game ended there , graphics are nice, but after so much time u can expect more from a game like Max Payne coes they didnt release a game that has more story and more chapters not only 15 thats too short, besides the size is huge everyone wants to see more content. The story is nice and makes u keep playing...from the start... so I cant say its a bad game. As a critic i can say i don't like coes it cant give a 10, and doesn't raise Max Payne standards, but its more better than others games.
But after all its worth playing nothing bad graphics look amazing at first and the game has enough action to make u like this game alot. Have fun playing!