bloody awesome :)

User Rating: 10 | Max Payne 3 X360
im only just saying a few quick things as i havent played much yet , all i can say its worth the wait ,max payne 3 is a beautiful looking game, while i was watching the cut scenes then going into gameplay it just feels so smooth , i actualy felt very involved with this game, the colors and characters and envoiremnts look great ,and mechanics are great aswell,i havent tried the multiplayer yet im curious on how the bullet time will work, also the ai is hard to say the least so cover and using bullet time is esssential to your survival .and using pistals is so damn fun again its not the secondary weapon anymore its weapon of choice ,either way if your a fan of max payne or rocksatr you wont be disapointed in this alreay in my words a bloody pure classic, i just cant wait for the gta as rockstar just go to strength to strength with each game they make they break boundaries and take risks which usually work for them and it has again with this game ,so do yourself a favour go and get this game now,,,get your payne on :)