It's time to bring the pain

User Rating: 9 | Max Payne 3 X360
well first of all i love Max Payne ... i mean the first two part of the game where amazing, so Max payne 3 had a big shoes to fill, and did it fill that shoe? yeah it really did.
you all know the story of Max Payne ... a cop that his wife and his child have been killed by drug lords or (Aesir Corporation) the corporation that created the drug called (Valkyr) after he became an undercover cop in a mafia family he founds out about the corporation involvement, but the mafia finds out about him being a cop and framed him for the death of his partner Alix now the mafia and the NYPD are after him so it wasn't easy for him, he went through hell or till he get to (Aesir Corporation) and again through hell to get to Nicole Horne the head of a secret military program code-named Valhalla and the person who ordered the hit on his wife and child.
after he gets his revenge the police captured him and as it turned out he was innocent and now he is back in the force but this time in (Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne) Two years after the events of the first game, his main objective was to protect (Mona Sax) only to find out that she was hired to kill him but her love to him made her stop.
now in Max Payne 3 the story is almost nothing like the first two, we can see that he is now an old man who left the NYPD and became a bodyguard to a Brazilian family and all the events are in Brazil and the only game play that is in New York is when he had his flash backs.
now i don't want to give any spoilers so i'm not going to talk about the story but i have to say the graphics in this one is top notch i mean everything looks great the environment the buildings the characters they all look great, and for the game play it is one of the best ones i've played in a long time, the aiming system is just beautiful you have the same old slow mo system so you can take that perfect shot.
as for the characters they can all be interesting and i loved how they make us look at Max's psyche, and i really enjoyed the dark world that this character and the story is taking me to, the sound effects and the sound tracks are just to good and enjoyable.
over all i'll give this game a 9/10 and i do recommend it to everyone, if you are a story kind of guy you will like this one, if you are a "shot them all then ask them questions" kind a guy you will love this one, or even if you are "i just want to look at something pretty" kind of guy you will love this one
hop you liked my review of Max Payne and this is VampiresGod saying, GO GET THIS GAME DUDES.