Killing gangsers is plain fun, but it gets tedious in time.

User Rating: 9 | Max Payne 3 X360

This is the third Max Payne game and I must say it's a blast. It's a great third-person FPS with cover elements. You're Max and you're hired as bodyguard by the rich Branco family. You fail and members of the family begin to die. The plot gets interesting and in the end you realized that it was all a frame and people are different from what they seem. The gameplay is simple enough : get cover and shoot. Use the time bullet when needed. This is the feature that can save you most of the time.

There are twits in the plot that can surprise you. At times, the game becomes tedious because you seem too shoot the same UFA soldiers or gangsters. The Brazilian favelas are wonderfully depicted. The graphics is great and glasses break and wooden is splintered.

Overall, it's a great action game.