Watch cutscene, go "bullet time", watch, go bullet time until you finish the game

User Rating: 7 | Max Payne 3 PS3
I've only played Max Payne 1 before, but that was a very long time ago. Now I'm really trying to remember "do Max Payne series really just in this kind of gameplay?" I mean does the series really meant to be just watching cutscenes? Because that's what MAX PAYNE 3 is all about. Right from the beginning, watch short introduction. Then goons will intercept and attack. Then you go play gunfight doing "bullet time" (slowmo) all the time. After you kill the final enemy, watch another cutscene, then there comes another batch of enemy, go bullet time. After killing again all the enemies, watch cutscene... you repeat this cycle until you finish the game. All you can do aside from doing gun fights and go bullet time is to search & collect golden gun parts and rome every corner for clues. Total gameplay is just this short.. Watch cutscene Go bullet time Search for golden gun parts Search for clue Watch cutscene I enjoy blasting the heads of enemies in slowmo but the whole game, nahhh. I'm just trying to convince myself to finish the game so I could re-sell my copy.