Max Payne 3 Multiplayer (PC) is one of the most frustrating gaming experiences.

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How the hell could Rockstar let so much potential go to waste? The single player is fantastic. One of the better action games of the year. The multiplayer, at first glance, has so much potential. It could match the single player if it wasn't for so many bugs and terrible weapon imbalances. The connection drop out rate everytime I play the game is at least 10 to 1. 10 connection drop outs to 1 connection.


When you finally connect to a game you are usually met with a team that is losing due to the other team being well stacked with high ranked players. Let's get to my biggest complaint. DUAL WIELDING weapons are vastly overpowered. I have seldom seen such a terrible exploit (beyond spawn camping). Everyone and their mother uses dual wielding weapons because they amp up the hit detection. A guy with dual wielding pistols from 300 yards away can kill a man carrying an M14/AK47 with all attachments with no problems. Both have each other in crosshairs and fire at the same time. 90 percent of the time the dual wielding player will kill you before you can even get half way through a clip. IT MAKES NO SENSE. It defies any sort of logic regardless of how far removed from reality the game is.