Chapter 7 wont start.....

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Game Stuck at the start of the chapter 7....after the phone hang up from rodrigue's brother.....max payne standing reverse and no key worked since then....please help... What should i do now???
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Fault on DVD ? Bring it back where you bought it. 

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What platform are you playing on? Any signs of overheating, unusual hitching or artifacting before it happened? Was the system paused or shut off at anytime while the checkpoint was saving?

It also could be an optical drive or disc problem as mentioned. Even fingerprints on the disc can sometimes cause havoc.

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I have exactly the same problem. Running the game on PC. Tried rebooting, but still hangs at the same point.

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Fixed it by upgrading to the latest ATI Radeon drivers.
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hey I had the same problem & tried to update ATI Radeon driver but it didn't solve the issue , are you sure you didn't do any thing else ?