Max Payne 2 is truly one of the best games ever made. The storyline, graphics and gameplay what more is there to ask?

User Rating: 9.5 | Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne PC
Once again Max Payne series was introduced to me by a friend. I couldn't believe that I got into gaming so late and all these classics missed out. Anyway, even after 6 years Max Payne 2 still stands above many of the games released up until now. The attention to detail seen in the amazing graphics of Max Payne is unbelievable. I do believe Max Payne raised the bar for graphics in 2003?

I've heard the storyline for Max Payne was good but I didn't expect it to be this good. The storyline is so complicated with many twists and turns that form up an immense game. The games not just presented in a dramatic way through the entire game, it also has a mission or two which loosens the intensity of the plot which is presented in a very intelligent way. Though when you get to the end you'll feel it's not over and you'll definitely want more.

Also, Max has many nightmares which you can play through that reflects his feelings and inner thoughts. It also fits very well in the game and story. And the way how the story is presented through graphical novels is very unique and effective.

The combat in Max Payne is amazing, the bullet time is extremely fun to play with, Max' dive is great for showing off and the bullet time reload is just………..perfect. It's great because you'll be able to use these skills in several of different locations and scenarios. This brings us to another amazing element of the game. The level design is superb, there's a diverse range of atmospheres in which differ by a lot. Whether it's in a building, construction site or with blazing infernos beside you, the combat approach would most likely be different.

Even though Max Payne is over in an afternoon of gaming, there are many reasons to replay it several times more. If still you can't stop crying about the ending you might want to complete it in the hardest difficulty which would most definitely make you feel a lot better.

Don't complain about the length of the game because remember: "good things come in small packages!"

There's also many weapons at Max' disposal. Although it's unrealistic how he can carry an entire armory at the same time, it's completely done in favor for the gameplay. Each weapon have completely different feel when you use it.

Just, if you haven't already played Max Payne 2 already, just go and look very hard for it, this game is one of the old school titles which you would regret missing. Also make sure no one ruins it for you.