I just dont see what everyone loves so much about this game ... Average at best

User Rating: 6 | Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne PC
Max Payne is stylish, but the bullet time thing feels like a gimmick to jazz up an otherwise average game.

The dialogue made me think I was playing Max Metaphor. "Death is like ...." the "The past haunts you like a so-so video game".

I just didnt think it was fun to play as someone pouting all freaking day long.

Get pissed or get a therapist.

The levels with Mona playable or, with Max and Mona working together gave a much needed break from the monatony. There was just nothing new ... no new skills the enemy changed clothes, but aside from that ... the same throughout the entire game.

I was just not impressed. I will miss Max3 for sure.