Max & the Magic Marker Cheats For Wii

  1. Extras

    Beat 5 speed records Double Espresso
    Get 400 pickups Full Marker
    Get 150 pickups Playground
    Get 40 secrets Super Max

    Contributed by: Duponzo 

Max & the Magic Marker Cheats For PlayStation 3

  1. Trophies

    There are 21 Bronze Trophies.

    Score three stars in all levels! AllStar
    Kill a lot of Gobos! Apprentice
    Boil to death! Cannibal Soup
    Find hidden stuff! Discoverer
    Take your time beating Mustacho! Epic Battle
    Score three stars in a lot of levels! Getting STARted
    Kill a bunch of Gobos! Hitman
    Don't die! MacLeod
    Play a lot! Maxed Out
    Beat a few time records! Mexican Mouse
    Kill Mustacho! Fast! Ninja Vanish
    Beat all time records! Schumi
    Kill loads of Gobos! Second Blood
    Unlock the Pirate World! Ship Ahoy
    Beat a stack of time records! Speedster
    Score three stars in a load of levels! Star Spangled Max
    Stay alive Staying Alive
    Spend a long time on a single level! Sticking Around
    Play for some time! To the Max
    Beat the game! Victory
    Unlock the Robot World! We are the Robots

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

Max & the Magic Marker Cheats For Windows Mobile

  1. Achievements

    Mustacho was defeated in an epic battle Defeat Mustacho (35)
    Picked up a secret Do you want to know a secret? (5)
    100% complete! Done and done (35)
    Completed level 1 First steps (5)
    Beat a speed run time on a level Fleetfooted (10)
    Got all pickups on a single level Greed! (10)
    Found half of all secrets in the game Half the secrets (15)
    Found all the secrets in a level Nowhere to hide (10)
    Unlocked the Robot world Robots (20)
    You have collected every secret in the game Sherlock (20)
    Unlocked the pirate world Ship Ahoy! (15)
    Beat the speed run time on all levels Speed demon (20)

    Contributed by: Guard Master