The modders saved this game! Check out Atari's boards to learn how to save it yourself.

User Rating: 8.6 | Master of Orion III PC
This version of the Master of Orion series was initially a huge disaster. Many of the features did not work properly, others were never activated, and some cornerstones of the macromangement concept were broken. I would have to admit that most people who had eagerly purchased the game were very much let down.

Fortunately for the MOO fans out there, the modding community would not let this stand. Since it's release, many dedicated fans set out to fix the game Quicksilver developed. This group, which patrols the boards at and on the Atari boards at are a terrific group that offers advice to newcomers. Over the years, they have repaired what's broken and explored many of the AI issues and determined how the system is intended to work. If you are at all interested in playing, you owe it to yourself to check out these sites, at least look over the main topics so you understand the system, and download at least the vanilla mod pack. If you find it growing on you, let the guys there know their work was appreciated.