This game was truly one of the first greatest strategy games.

User Rating: 9.3 | Master of Monsters GEN
This great strategy game uses hexagon tiles on the map. Each turn you can summon monsters and move them around on the map taking over towers. After enough experience points that particular monster will evolve. such as an angel to an archangel. You can also cast different spells which are different for each master you choose. The only thing that I found crappy about this game was some of the translation errors. For example, the marmaid instead of mermaid. Another one of my favorites is the Loc instead of Roc(evolves to gryphon). The gameplay is fun, and its a challenging game. the campaign mode seems nearly impossible, but its fun to play with friends. Though it is turn based/hot seat multiplayer. The music is also really sweet. There are only 6 tracks, but some of them are just outstanding for back in the day.