Best RPG ive played in a LONG time.....

User Rating: 9.5 | Mass Effect X360
my initial reception of mass effect was bad as it looked a bit weird from all the previews but now ive bought it and played it i can safely say this is the best RPG ive played in a LONG time.

the basic back story is that humans have gone into space and are now part of the galactic community with lots of aliens and obviously it's up to you to save the galaxy. the twist is in how you do it..

the character creation screen is a clunky start as i felt you could only really create maybe 25-30 faces that actually looked sensible so i chose one of the pre-set ones for my starting character and off i went.

and a word of wisdom before you buy this game, there is ALOT of dialogue in this game. almost 200 hours of it if i remember right. but its actually fun listening to the perfect voice acting and the lip syncing is perfect.
the aliens you run into along the way are all different (the ones you talk to at least) and are all really detailed. they really do look like they would exist.

the combat is very good from what i have seen. for a game where combat isn't even the third most important thing in the game. upgrades are very useful and there always seems to be something better to add on.

the story to the game is just beautiful. i would be surprised if it was made into a film. but then for a game that was built on its story, what do you expect?

now for the bad parts. the driving sections were to my mind the worst part of the game. the controls are clunky and there is no mention of physics on how the Mako drives. almost any cliff is easily overcome.
the driving combat parts are just too easy as two-three shots from the cannon kills any foe.
the next bad thing is the menus. the upgrades menus to be precise. because you gain quite alot of upgrades your bound to have alot that you don't want but a few that you do. but every time you delete something from the bottom, you snap right back to the top which can be annoying when you want to remove 30+ items from the bottom.
there are also a few glitches in the game. and none of them are little ones.
i can name them all here.
-running into walls causes you to get stuck in mid air
- skipping through dialogue too quickly freezes the game (which can be annoying on a speed run)
- you can get stuck in lifts if you enter them with you weapon unholstered
and all of these have lost me quite alot of time, which in a game this long is a real pain.

other than that, Wrex (who seems to be voiced by the same guy that did Marcus Fenix in GoW) is a total badass who has some of the most humorous dialogue in the game and there also seems to be a remarkable amount of talk about "reproduction" in this game.
and the sex scene will hardly make your mass erect

overall, a must buy.