One of my all time favorites.

User Rating: 10 | Mass Effect PC
I just rediscovered Mass Effect. For some reason the first time I played it I had a hard time getting into it and eventually it just sat on my shelf. Recently I built my own computer and figured I'd give it another shot and I am very glad I did. The game was a lot smoother (my new computer is a quad core with 4GB of RAM). The graphics were also a lot nicer with my updated graphics card (1GB Radeon w/ a dvi to hdmi cable going into a 22" hi def HP lcd).

Long story short I really got into this game this time around and it has earned a spot on my all time favorites list. The best things about it were basically everything (story, gameplay, graphics, etc.) The only bad thing I can say about it is there is an issue with the configuration utility that it tries to run when you first start it up if you have a quad core processor but digging around on bioware's forums for about 2 minutes showed me how to bypass that one and only issue. I can't wait for the sequel.