Star Wars: Knights of a different republic *spoilers*

User Rating: 5.5 | Mass Effect X360
Updated Version of KotR, just not set in SW universe. People even have the force. Only its not the force. Its something different. Except its the force. Story is generic, voice acting is wooden and seems choppy (especially now that I've played Uncharted). Graphics are great and the music is the best part of the game.

Exploring the universe is clumsy and repetitive. The landscapes are clumsy and repetitive. Story is incomplete (the complete lack of explanation for the reapers with a dismissive "they just are and we have to deal with them" seems weak). Regardless of how you behave in this game, nothing seems to change. The story just isn't dynamic enough to evolve around your choices. Characters are generic and there really is little compelling reason to interact with them beyond the main story line.

The game itself is way to easy. There is no strategy needed. No reason to plan your battles - just run and gun with a good cover system. Even the ending is waaaaaaay easy.

All in all, the final nail in a disappointing holiday season for the 360.