One of the best games for the Xbox 360 to date.

User Rating: 9.5 | Mass Effect X360
This hands down one of the best for the 360 and what I think is game of the year. You start out as commender shepherd and your mission is to save the galaxy. If you want a great story this is the perfect rpg for you. I can not stop playing this game i have beat it twice now and on normal difficulty it will take you about 15 hours or so. With side quest tho alot longer. Graphic wise its a pretty game to look at. But it does have alot of glitches you will see pop ups after loading, frame rate drops, and will freeze sometimes. The game only froze on me two times and the frame rate and pop ins can be forgiven since the game is just that good. You can take along with you two others for your crew when fighting. The combat is great it will take you about 3 hours or so till you really know what your doing tho. You can tell you crew what to kill and what moves to use or you can just let the AI do that. There is so much to see in this game and so much voice over to hear. You will find yourself coming back to this game for some time to come. Get this game I think this will be the game of the year.