Mass Effect is the Star Trek of Video Games

User Rating: 7 | Mass Effect PC
Mass Effect is considered the Star Trek of video games, which makes a lot of sense, since it has a very similar history, it is a game that caught my attention, but unfortunately I could only play it this year, and I liked it a lot game, is a game full of dialogues and choices, and these choices have a lot of weight in the history of the game, have very difficult choices in the game, you have to control commander Sheppard (if it will be male or female is your choice), the history of game is good, but it is very slow and sometimes it is tiring to talk all the time, the game also sins in gameplay, it is well caught, the aim takes a bit to acustumar, the ambiance is very good, and the graphics for your time are good too, the game has aged well (better than The Witcher for example that is 2007 too), Mass Effect is a good game, has some problems, but it's worth playing. Note 78