mass effect 1 review and thoughts.

User Rating: 8 | Mass Effect PC

At first i was worried i wouldn't like it, but as i played on, got used to the controlls and first got to the citadel, i became immersed.I was afraid that mass effect was going to be your typical gears of war clone space marines kill every alien save earth type game, and it wasn't.My favorite part about the game was getting quests in the citadel and talking to aliens, and getting to know the alien politics.It made me think of star trek with all its alien politics diplomats and such, that i wanted more and kept playing until the end.

while i was dissappointed that you end up clogging your inventory with useless items that are 4th or 5th repeat item of that one gun you had a while back and can't store it.I thought the game was a lot of fun.I still think mass effect 2 did a better job than mass effect 1 though, and improved upon a lot of areas that mass effect 1 failed at, which is what sequels are supposed to do.