So what about DLC for ME1?

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Included in this stand-alone release or is it just the base game released on the PSN? And if the DLC for ME1 is not included, do they have any plans to release those for the PS3 as well? I don't mind downloading and paying for stuff like "Lair of the Shadowbroker" and other dlc, as long as it's good quality content, then I'm happy to pay for it, old game or not, would just like to know if they plan to release the stuff eventually. Tried to google for this information but coming up empty-handed. Oh well, time will tell, I guess.

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Oops, found the info now, should have done some more googling. Lair of the Shadowbroker is ofc a piece of DLC for the second game, and not ME1. From what I gather, there were only two pieces of dlc for ME1, Bring Down the Sky, which is inlcuded for PS3, and there was also Pinnacle Station, which they apparantly were not able to include for PS3 due to source files being corrupted. Guess I'll have to play through that one on the PC :)