Really struggling with combat...

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OK, so I'm new to 3rd person shooters and action games generally having mostly played Dragon Age and Final Fantasy of late. I'm really struggling with combat. I tried the mission to find Liara straight after the Citadel and cannot get past the ambush which includes a geth armature! Part of the problem seems to be that my squad won't take cover when I ask them to (down on the d-pad right? I'm playing PS3). 


Any tips on how I should improve would be really appreciated. For now I'm just wandering the galaxy trying to up my XP first... Playing as a soldier by the way.

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I wish I could help dude but unfortunately it's just terrible A.I on biowares part.


TBH if it weren't for the A.I this game would be up there with some of my favourites. Not taking cover, shooting into walls, standing still doing nothing while guys beat the crap out of them, it's just terrible game design. To think this got such high marks, crazy.


I'm doing a new run through of the ME games and I'm a mere few missions into the first and I'm already getting bored with it for this reason and this reason alone.


To think they didn't even try and update the A.I with patches is just pathetic. Bioware should stick to KoToR like combat, because real time combat just isn't within their abilities.

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I don't know how helpful this will be, as I've been playing on an Xbox and as an Adept. In any case, ME was the first game I've ever really played and I found the combat really difficult at first. Eventually I realized you have to think quite a bit about which techs / biotics / weapons / upgrades you need to use for a given scenario / enemy, and in what succession, and then use the selector wheel to make your choice. Selection has the benefit of pausing and allowing you to aim and becomes more fluid with practice. Also, while the permutations are greater once you have a proper squad you will also have more effective choices if you match the members' skills well (e.g. one biotic, one soldier, one tech). In any case I finished ME the other day, and while seemingly endless repetition of a few of the more difficult combat scenes was a drag I was totally absorbed in the game otherwise. I'm on to ME2, in which the combat seems more streamlined, but I'm just getting going.