Mass Effect 1 problem?

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I just completed the game. i swear there used to be a auto save after you complete it, not to mention it giving you a record of what you've done, your character level and so on. If there was one, i didnt get it. I tried it twice and i'm rather worried i've lost everything and wont be able to transfer them to ME2. 

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Not sure about the Xbox or p.c version, but on playstation 3 it just goes back to the title screen after the credits Have rolled. There is a resume but that takes you back to the fight with saren just before the end. Should you be Able to carry on the game after you complete it? The reason I ask is because I can't import my character to me2. After checking save data on the import screen it fails to find any data. I'm online and have the latest patch. Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong?