Game Keeps Crashing. Help Please.

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I borrowed the game from my friend a while ago, and its in perfect condition (not even a smudge). I tried it a few times a couple years ago, but now that ME3 is out, I figured I'd try it for reals so I could eventually get the whole trilogy.


The Problem: I got onto Eden Prime, and within a few minutes the game crashed. The screen went black, and thats the end of it. I  rebooted my 360, loaded from the autosave, played for a few minutes, and it crashed again. I deleted my saved games, then I made a new character, got to Eden Prime, and it crashed again!

Just so I'm clear, its a total crash. I can't bring up the Xbox menu, and taking the disc out does not take me back to the dashboard. Just a black screen. It requires a restart each time.

Another thing worth noting: I had gotten past Eden Prime with an ealier character, so I don't think the disc has anything wrong with it.


Any suggestions? The only thing I can think of trying is deleting all ME data from the hardrive and letting it reinstall any updates, then trying again.

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think I deleted all ME data. And I'm trying it again. There didn't seem to be any updates though...

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Lasted a little longer. But still crashed.

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tsk... tsk... tsk...

Playing on a 360 that won't do.  It's likely that the game disc has been damaged in some way, check for scratches, discolorations, or defects on the disk.  If the disk looks fine then make sure the problem only occurs on your Xbox if it occurs on another Xbox it's the disk. To fix this problem: put your Xbox 360 up for sale and get yourself a PC.