An epic 3rd installment in an amazing franchise!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Mass Effect 3 PS3

Mass Effect is back and is just as good as ever!! You reprise the role of Commander Shepard and once again are off to save the universe.

I'll start by saying that ME3 lives up to its predeccessors and continues with the swell storytelling that u have previously seen. You are Commander Shepard, a hero across the galaxy. He is known as the guy who put down the evil Reapers and the grisly Collectors in the previous MEs. This time around, the Reapers have threatened to bring an end to the human and alien race and its up to Shepard and his comrades to put a stop to the Reapers once and for all.

The story is amazing. The Reapers have been wiping out colony after colony and are more fierce than ever. Shepard has the task of readying the universe for one final battle with the Reapers before they make humans extinct. Also, news of an ultimate secret weapon said to have the power to kill the Reapers has spread to Shepard. So its his goal to find the weapon and end the Reaper threat.

A nice new feature to ME3 is the War Map/Galactic Readiness room in the Normandy. You have a room in your ship which tells you what allies you have on your side in your fight against the Reapers and it also tells you your Galactic Readiness which means basically how prepared you are to fight the Reapers in the final battle. You wanna get as many allies as you can in your fight and this feature lets you know updates on your allies and will let ya know just how ready you are. Trust me your gonna want all the help you can get. But that is one of your tasks in ME3 is to venture the galaxy and get help from other species in your battle.

The graphics are stunning in some of the cutscenes throughout the game. Not a huge change from ME2. but nonetheless they are pretty especially in such places as the capital The Citadel, and the lush garden world Eden Prime. These places really shine ME3's artwork the best.

The battle system is still the same. You have a vast array of weapons at your hand ranging from: Grenade Launchers, Laser Beam Rifles, Sniper Rifles, shotguns and many many more guns. Trust me there are tons of guns in ME3 and you wil wanna discover as many as u can. Also at your arsenal are the returning Biotics, which is basically super powers that differ from each character. One of Shepards biotic abilities is Incinerate which allows you to shoot a ball of flames at your opponents. Your biotic abilites along with other features of your characters can be leveled up and made more powerful as you journey forth in your quest.

The world is pretty big. You have many planets to explore and plenty of maps to uncover hidden goodies and side-missions. Of course ME3 is an RPG/action game so you can explore the world at your own pace. There are TONS of main quest missions and lots of side missions so you'll have plenty to do. This is quite a lengthy game which is great.

The characters that you grew to love in ME2 make a return and also a couple of new faces. Liara T' Soni, Joker, Garrus, Aria'T Loak and Ashley make a return plus a lot more familiar characters. James is a new addition to ME3, an ex-Marine who is as tough as he looks. Again, depending on what you choose to say to certain characters might plunge you into a love romance with someone or into a fist fight. What you choose to say and your actions does affect the story and its interesting to try all the possible outcomes out.

However, there are a few mistakes. First of all and I will make this short and sweet and spoiler free, is the ending. Its kind of a disappointment how the game originally ends especially after you put as much time as your gonna put into playing the game. It just deserved much better than what they give you. Secondly, there are many bugs and glitches throughout the gameplay. The screen will freeze up for long periods of time and the screen will jump and slur alot too. However, Bioware is addressing these issues and is supposed to clear these glitches up. Still, it affects your overall enjoyment of the game experience.

But, coming to an end, if you are a fan of the ME series or if you only liked the games a little, I recommend this to you. ME3 is an amazing game with an epic story to tell, and there is just so much to do in this game. There are also many DLC packages being released, but even without the DLC's this is a great play and I advise everyone to go get it!

Amazing epic story Disappointing ending
Returning lovable characters Lots of bugs and glitches
Lengthy gameplay (40+ hrs)
Tons of DLC
Nice graphics