A Masterpiece! Until the Ending (NO SPOILERS)

User Rating: 9.5 | Mass Effect 3 PC
Mass Effect 3 is the perfect finale to an excellent trilogy. It stays true to what made the game successful, has amazing action scenes, colorful conversations, beautiful graphics. That said it does have one major flaw THE ENDING. I'll try to explain without ruining the game. The ending takes all of your decisions that you made over the past 2.95 games and says to hell with them. The only thing your decisions seem to have any effect on is how many options you have at the end and how good/bad the result of those actions are. It's not a simple choice at the end either depending on how you played the games leading up to this point and you are given very little information on what each ending will bring about. Since the new Extended Cut (free) expansion they have extended the endings to better explain what happens to the galaxy after the Reapers defeat, and even leave the possibility for another game (not likely but you never know).
Except for this one major flaw in the game it is perfect. All the past decisions you made can and will influence your story, and I highly suggest making sure you have multiple variations from ME and ME2 to see all the differences your decisions make. Don't be a complete Paragon or Renegade as you will miss alot of great writing and storytelling by doing so. Some decisions that you made in ME1 that seem trivial and boring can have far reaching consequences. While occasional bugs and glitches may cause you to become stuck at rather inconvenient times, some of the bugs can be down right hilarious (Grunt shot himself 5 times in the foot while I was talking to him and even took time to reload). The combat is more intense than in ME2 with a smaller squad its easier and quicker to find all of their strengths and weakness. Powers seem to have taken a step back however as your guns are consistently superior to tech and biotic powers meaning it mostly comes down to using powers that root out the enemy rather than powers that attack your enemy. The ending to this game is the only blight on an otherwise perfect series.

The Mass Effect 3 comes with built in free multiplayer and BioWare has already released two free DLC packs for multiplayer only. While not as refined as COD or Halo multiplayer it has put a different spin on the genre. While all six of the classes are available they all have fewer abilities and a lower level cap than in the campaign. That said the ability to have you and three friends fighting and launching off powers can be a ton of fun but glitches and can sometimes force a restart. If the multiplayer is going to crash it will almost always crash as you attempt to extract causing you to lose all the credits and exp earned for that battle, enemies can also become stuck behind walls or in unreachable areas meaning you have to waste precious missile launcher ammo or gernades to kill them. The shop system is also a little strange, you can't purchase upgrades or weapons individually meaning you have to constantly grind to buy Packs to unlock new weapons and upgrades. The Packs are completely random and seem to be unaffected by the character currently in use meaning no matter the character your chances of getting a shotgun v. an AR are the same no matter your class. Overall the multiplayer could stand for some improvement but is very well done for the series first attempt at multiplayer.