I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favourite game on the Citadel.

User Rating: 9 | Mass Effect 3 X360
Mass Effect 3 is a truly amazing game for that of many reasons. It's a sci-fi RPG unlike any other (besides the two previous games in the series). At the start of the game, you customize or create your very own Commander Shepard to your liking or you can import your Commander Shepard from Mass Effect 2. Importing your Mass Effect 2 profile allows you keep the facial appearance of your previous Shepard and carry on the choices you make in the previous games. (E.g. If you romance with a certain character in Mass Effect 2, then they'll attempt to get back with you in this game).
The dialogue options in this game are really well done. When in a conversation with an NPC, you can choose the nice option (Paragon) or the mean option (Renegade) to say to people. Although, I noticed that this game lacked 'Neutral' dialogue options and 'Investigate' options. These speech choices came up quite a bit more in the other two games.
The story of Mass Effect will leave you in awe once completed. You explore the Milky Way, searching for people or resources that can help you destroy the Reapers, a race a giant synthetics which plan to destroy every organic in the galaxy. An organisation that goes by the name "Cerberus" strategize to stop you, because they want to handle the Reapers themselves, without the Alliance in the way. You spend a certain amount of time landing on unique planets and adding different kinds of soldiers to your team. There are many distinctive teammates that you'll gain during the game. These characters range from robots to all sorts of aliens.
If you've played the previous Mass Effect games, you'd probably easily understand how this game is played. Whilst personalising your very own commander, you can choose a class. There are six classes to select from, ranging from Biotic abilities to Technology abilities. You earn skill points every time you level up, then you spend these skill points enhancing the effects of your abilities and your teammates'.
The graphics of all the Mass Effect games have always been grand for their time in which they were released. So we can say that the Mass Effect 3 graphics are excellent and completely up to date.
Mass Effect's soundtrack suits the game astonishingly well. I love to hear and feel the intense music in the background as I am battling a giant robot. It comprises great harmonising of electronic sounds, which can immerse you into the game.
Multiplayer is a new feature to the Mass Effect series. You're able to pick a class and any alien species assigned to that class. You level up and prestige your online character just as you'd do so in single player. You have the option to fight Geth, Reapers or Cerberus with your personalised alien, teaming up with other players across the globe. The experience of this kind of gameplay is astounding.
Mass Effect 3's replay value is superior. You're able to play the game over and over again, with a different class, different look and make different choices to those of which you did in your previous playthrough. It's excellent.
So, I'd probably have to rate this game a good 9 out of 10, and one of my very favourite games of all times. Bioware have mastered Sci-Fi RPG's and third person shooting in the one game. It's recommended for any gamer out there that are a fan of Science fiction RPGs and are looking for something different and unique.