Mass effect 3 has hardly been so epic as it was expected to be.

User Rating: 6.5 | Mass Effect 3 PC
Truly Mass Effect genre has been a breakthrough. That's why I'm here in fact to tell to tale about whats been like playing through the closing chapters ME3 and reviewing a game for the first time.
Mass Effect has set everything breathtaking and enormous creativity right from the start. Its only game that I have played twice through the complete campaign and in fact playing ME2 at insanity for the third time. But how about ME3?!
Well hopes were expected to see something really fascinating that can swoop me into that fantastic, breathtaking moments i had before. But nearly been close to it. Intelligent enemies may not seem that much intelligent, only deploying hordes and number from all sides. Combat is improved n good but after you finished through the campaign you feel its been too chaotic and have no idea what you did there or what tactical elements you played out. You just don't remember the experience you had.
The characterization of James Vega and EDI has been awesome, but unlike how the characters mix with eachother has nearly not been so epic. Like for example you can remember in dragon age origins how morrigan used to tease Alistar, but you dont see none of it between James and Tali..... however James refers her "sparky". But you will find them never conversing when you take them for missions.
This is supposed to be and ending where the people are nervous and are sticking to each other for hope for making jokes and sarcasm to air off the tension. Else you will see none of it. Your squadmates are rarely conversant. People could have made a lot of jokes about EDI and very adverse one, and Joker could have looked sorry when people are making fun of his synthetic girl. There could have been lot of bondage. Miranda Jack and Kassumi should have been there in the crew. Even if not going through the missions, maybe atleast a sidequests where we get to help them. N they return with some favor at the end to help you with your quests in the end. The involvement is really not felt. The crews werent fighting nor freaking out. Tension among them is hardly felt. There could have been a mission where Kassumi, being an asssassin herself helps you out with Kai Leng. Else you just dont see a bit.
There could have been a surprise element where Illusive man actually helps out in the end after he realises he lost some one too, or feelings of that sort. You know when a closing story can be put like "in the end we all try to unite and fill the gaps in". I just can't stop telling how many infinite number of amazing ways this could have gone. But you just JUST dont feel the connectedness to any of it, although Bioware has been marketing on this same idea that you will feel connected to the characters. I just don't see how. There could have been love options between your squadmates where garrus could have fallen in love with Miranda or her sister n you had to run errands to give hope to your friends. Nothing feels better when you see your best friends getting well settled when there is so much chaos. You feel like fighting for them. But you just dont see anything happen. Only things are said as plain words. And shooting bottle with Garrus is just so blunt idea.
Bioware have done great, and enormously well if you look at DA origins and ME1 and ME2. But I am so sorry to say that they have just stopped making the GREAT STUFFS. Something is always missing. Only its creating hype and marketing and stuffs now. I awfully miss that BIOWARE which knew what it takes to make it different and make it in a way where you would have just felt so wholesome about every part of the story.
I so wish that they become the BIOWARE I LOVED!!
Wish you guys a great day and Thanks for reading it.